The Hollywood Fitter
My Travels Through A Lucky Life

The Hollywood Fitter Book Cover
The Hollywood Fitter My Travels Through A Lucky Life

The story of Mick Riley, a scruffy kid from Middlesbrough’s Thorntree council estate blessed with a winning smile and an infectious spirit of adventure. The Hollywood Fitter includes tales from Mick’s flirtation with the music industry, his emotional climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, his voyage across the Atlantic and memorable trips to Siberia, Mongolia and Ireland, as well as driving the Moroccan section of the Dakar Rally – in a £500 car called Mary!

What The Client Thought

The inscription on my copy of the book says it all – “To Mick, my new biographer friend. Thanks for your time and patience in creating a lasting legacy of my life for my family and all future generations to come. You are a very special person. Mick”

Producing The Book

I was introduced to Mick by our mutual friend Nick Waites in March 2015. I immediately found him to be an extremely charismatic and likeable character. Over the months and years that followed we became firm friends, as well as ghostwriter and client. We held a series of lengthy interviews – usually followed by a message to say he’d forgotten to tell me about another adventure and asking to meet up again! Finally, in December 2018, after three and a half years, I handed over 40 stunning hardback copies of The Hollywood Fitter just in time to be given to his family and friends as Christmas presents. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mick and am immensely proud of the book we produced together.