In My Life
The Story Of An East End Boy

In My Life Book Cover
In My Life The Story Of An East End Boy

Alex Worrall didn’t do too badly for a kid from the East End of London who was kicked out of school when he was 16. He travelled the world, met presidents and hung out with rock stars, built up and sold businesses and made a few million quid along the way. An accountant by profession, he helped rescue Newton Aycliffe engineering firm Tallent during the recession of the 1980s and mastermind a management buyout, before selling the firm at a huge profit. He was rich and enjoyed all the trappings that went with it, including a 12-seater Cessna Citation plane. Those days are behind him now. In his garage, though, he still has a Ferrari, sleeping, but highly tuned and ready to go. The book tells the story of Alex’s journey from East Ham

What The Client Thought

“A brilliant job.”

Producing The Book

I began working with Alex in the summer of 2014, just after I left Middlesbrough Football Club. Although he lives in Suffolk he is a big Boro fan and we managed to meet up five or six times for long interviews over an 18-month period – usually when he came up for a match! At times writing the book was like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle, because Alex had been involved in so many businesses and had so many strands going on in his life at the same time. But it was also incredibly rewarding and he was great fun to work with and always willing to help me get things right. The final book ran to 71,000 words and we had 32 hardback copies with dustcovers designed and printed by Middlesbrough firm Quoin.