Your story matters.
Tell it. 


Think about all the memories and experiences that have filled your life. The people, the places, the friendships, the laughter and the tears – and the invaluable lessons you’ve learned along the way.

Many of us promise we’ll write it all down for our children and grandchildren, but few ever do it. And that means that one day a treasure chest of family knowledge will be lost forever. Whether you’ve achieved great things in the eyes of the world or quietly raised your family in relative obscurity, your story deserves to be told.

This is your chance to leave a genuine heirloom for your family, who will be able to learn about you, your parents and your grandparents in years to come. Even descendants you’ll never get the chance to hold in your arms will know you. Imagine if your mum, dad, grandma or grandad was able to speak to you today through the pages of a book.

Your autobiography will be a gift that will span the generations, packed with priceless information about who you are and where they come from. Why should only famous people get to tell their stories? I’ll help you write your autobiography and then produce it as a beautifully presented, professionally written book.

Michael McGeary

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Sales of the autobiography of the late orthopaedic surgeon John Anderson, who transformed thousands of Teesside lives by introducing joint replacement to the region, have raised £1,000 for charity. The Man Behind The Mask tells the story of steelworker’s son, John Anderson’s journey from the streets of Middlesbrough town centre to being honoured by the […]

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Many people in the Teesside area will have known John Anderson CBE, the orthopaedic surgeon who pioneered joint replacement surgery in the region. Sadly, John passed away in the summer. His autobiography, The Man Behind The Mask, is now on sale, with all profits going to the Diocese of Middlesbrough Lourdes Fund and the NSPCC. […]

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